The solar industry experiences a very steep learning curve and uses this learning to introduce new developments in the sector.

The development of open source data and usage of data analytics is bringing new oppurtunities in thesolar energy domain. The constant grid monitoring activity and the mix of datasets allows the operator to give a timely response to any deficiency found in the power generation activity. This allows having a one-on- one interaction with the final end user with customized plans and project design changes, so as to increase the yield and reduce the cost of energy generated. The knowledge base is shared by
different experts and the best industry methods are practiced.

The sun movement mapping using the state of the art tracking technology allows adjusting the solar array panels position automatically, thus providing greater yield throughout the year.


– he working knowledge of the basic motor pump and water pump, along with the specific customer needs gives an edge in serving the customer’s needs with regards to the solar water pump.


– The learning is generated using practical based approach and shared among the team, so that every new development is adopted swiftly.