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Welcome To AhmedabadSolar – The largest solar inverter manufacturer in Ahmedabad,Gujarat. Saving from power outage and still having a clean energy is now possible using the grid-tied solar power inverter. Providing reliability as the priority, the inverter provides retrofit options with the already installed power generators. The grid allows power transmission to be highly efficient and safe for the end user, thus ensuring no power outage. We have the expertise to install wide ranges of Solar Grid Tie Inverter Ahmedabad,Gujarat. We are the authorized dealer of Kirloskar –No.1 solar inverter manufacturer.


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A grid-tied solar operated inverter works just like any other inverter, apart from the fact that it runs on solar energy for the backup service. The functioning involves converting the energy into the electrical power grid directly, so that there is no interruption in power supply. It is used in tandem with other solar solutions in making the whole energy solution completely green and environment friendly. The inverted provides fast and efficient charging option by making use of the latest developments in charging technology. The battery reserve can be modified depending upon the power requirement of the end user and for providing easy switch over.

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